My traveler’s life

« You have visited 18% of the world and you have traveled 290 237km »

Before being a writer (yes, writer of this blog), I was very active on TripAdvisor. I am in the team of the 1% most active members of the website!

I think it is very important to let a review, whatever you experienced : a cockroach in a cheap hotel in Bombay or an amazing BBQ grilled prawns on a private island in Dominican Republic!

From now, I traveled a lot

I am doing a contest with a friend about the one who will visit the most countries (she is blackmailing her husband to visit baltic countries in 2 days and doing a stop in Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest on the way back!).

I quit my job as a lawyer on 2018 and I traveled for 2 years in 2018/19. I visited 35 countries and I dont wanna stop !

14976753_10211352271590578_7942961766391822020_o.jpgSalzbourg, Austria, on 2016

My life as a traveler can be divided into three parts.

Childhood at campsite


From my birth to my 20 years, the only trips I’ve done are at the campsite, every summer, in a small city not far from my home (La Baule). I didn’t really like it. I don’t like campsiting, except if I do it on an abandonned island of the Philipines (noticed to those interested!).

My early 20’s in holiday clubs


When I turned 20 I met a guy who loved to travel. We were together for  four years. His job was about traveling: he worked in Club Med, the most famous holiday club company in France (and maybe in the world).

We traveled a lot  but I couldn’t discover the culture of the countries where we have been.

For example, my first trip outside Europe was in Cancun. Cancun in an holiday club is: flight-bus-club-bus-ChichenItza-bus-club-beach-bus-flight.

I didn’t even eat in a local restaurant.

In my opinion, this kind of club is good if you are old and rich and you don’t want to discover new cultures, new food and you juste want sun and take some pictures of some monuments arounf the world. Or if you go to a club in the mountains and enjoying skiing.


Singleness and my adventurer’s life

P0D2344972G.jpg                 Me doing hitch hiking

When I left my ex and became single, I wanted to keep traveling but I didnt have money. I bought a backpack and I started traveling the world with what I had in the pocket. To be honnest, it’s the best way to travel! I have so many amazing souvenirs in mind (a roadtrip in Peru and in Brasil, 6 months in Asia,…). I met many people, lived so many great experiences and pushed my limits more than I ever have before!


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