I decided to write my travelbook few years ago but I wasn’t really active. I used to be a lawyer and I worked a lot. I didn’t have much time to write here.

I am french but I decided to write this travelbook in english (I actually started in french but I translated it. That’s why there are maybe still some articles in french. My english is a bit poor and this blog is the opportunity to improve my level: please be indulgent!).

My life as a lawyer was very boring and I started to think about what can I do in my life to have more free time and travel more.


My life goal is to travel the most that I can. I am an adventurer. I want discover new people, new culture, new food,…I don’t have as much money as I used to have. I travel with what I have in my pocket so I am always looking for good deals. That is what I want to share with you!


I also want to share with you my expriences and give you some advices (I love food,alcohol, partying and human contacts. A trip is a human adventure before all).

There are already a lot of travelbooks. My bonus would be my crazyness and my french accent ? Haha

My credo is : You Live Only Once, so enjoy every minute ! YOLO !

Finally, I am gay. I rarely go to gay destinations. But I feel responsible, and there are some countries I will never visit until they will stop persecuting gays (Maldives,…).

When I go somewhere, I always like to see how’s gay life there. So in every article I will write something about gay life.